I love history. It’s like an escape from reality except it’s… real.Or it was real. Now it’s.. history. When my girls come home from school and talk about what they’re learning in history (or memorizing…), it’s fun to engage with them and discuss the time eras that they’re learning about. Well, it’s fun for me… not so much for them. But, as adults, I think we were all the same way.

Rare was the teacher who could really get you interested in history just by lecturing. Typically the fastest way to get it to click was when they wheeled the AV cart into the classroom. Wasn’t that the BEST feeling? Walking into your 11th grade world history class and seeing the AV cart?! No boring lectures! We’re watching a movie!! Well, some of us were watching a movie, the rest were using it as nap time. Narcos on Netflix

The thing with history and learning is that there are so many details that it’s hard to consume them at one time. Most of us are visual learners – especially in today’s ADD/ADHD society. Sure you can read a historical novel (my preference) but do I have time to do that? Hardly ever. After a long day in the office followed up by an evening of Mom duties, if I were to lay in bed with a book, I’d be asleep in 20 minutes. Now that I think about it that way, maybe that’s not such a bad idea after all….

Luckily, Netflix makes it easy to nurture the history buff in me. One of my all time favorite historical eras are any that have to do with the royal family. Any of them. The traditions that make up the royals are fascinating to me. Sure they may be a bit stuffy and out of touch but it’s tradition that has been carried over thru hundreds of years.

Being a child of the 80’s and growing up with Princess Di, I’m naturally drawn to the current Royals led by Queen Elizabeth. But until I watched The Crown on Netflix, I had no idea about HER history and it’s absolutely fascinating. Suddenly, her seemingly cold and stoic persona makes sense and while you may still be rooting for Prince William to supersede Charles as King, you can definitely view the Queen with kinder eyes.

On the complete opposite side of the Royal spectrum, you have the King of Drugs and its ‘royal’ leader, Pablo Escobar. Narcos is a truly gritty, realistic look at the Columbian drug cartel who pretty much single-handedly flooded the US with cocaine in the 70’s and 80’s. It’s amazing to see how they were able to make and distribute such massive quantities and run the business like a Fortune 500 company.

There are hundreds of history heavy shows and movies on Netflix. Definitely more than you could consume even if you were snowed in for 3 months. But imagine how knowledgable you’d be when the snow finally cleared… If you ever feel guilty for binging on endless hours of Netflix shows (and you shouldn’t) just throw out there how much you’re learning about the _________ era. And then point out that they’re watching fiction on a major network.

Which historical shows or movies are your favorite on Netflix? I’d love to build my list because winter is coming 😉