Zero Proof, Full Flavor: Redefining the Cocktail Culture

Lisa Danforth

In this episode, Kristen sits down with Lisa Danforth, the forward-thinking founder of tonique, a company at the forefront of the alcohol-free cocktail movement. Lisa dives into her venture into mindful mixology, inspired by the noticeable increase in alcohol consumption during the COVID pandemic. She shares her passion for creating tonique, an alcohol-free bar service that caters to the growing acceptance of sober lifestyle choices. The conversation covers the landscape of the alcohol-free beverage industry, touching on the challenges, innovations, and the importance of community support and accessibility for those looking to reduce their alcohol intake.

Lisa is a vocal advocate for the destigmatization of sobriety and introduces listeners to her unique, flavorful creations. Using unconventional ingredients like coffee, peppers, and teas, she crafts complex mocktails that aim to stand out rather than mimic traditional spirits. Her efforts through tonique not only offer sophisticated alternatives but also encourage a broader movement towards inclusive and wellness-oriented social drinking cultures.

The episode concludes with Lisa sharing her aspirations for tonique, including expanding the alcohol-free community and potentially opening a brick-and-mortar alcohol-free lounge. Through her story and tonique’s mission, the episode highlights a shift towards more mindful, judgment-free beverage choices, underscoring a future where sobriety and choice are celebrated within the social drinking landscape.

About Lisa

tonique was founded by Lisa Danforth, an experienced caterer, and 30-year entrepreneur passionate about mindful mixology and creating fun, flavorful, and elegant alcohol-free cocktails. Lisa is also a leadership and work-life wellbeing coach and founder of Lisa Danforth Coaching.

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We’re an alcohol-free bar service in beautiful Burlington, Vermont, offering a fun and robust menu of craft cocktails, beer & wine, along with shrubs, bitter and functional beverages for your events.

All of our house syrups and shrubs are crafted using fresh ingredients. Our citrus juices are always freshly squeezed for our craft cocktails.

tonique’s mission is to redefine social experiences by keeping the ritual and shifting our collective relationship with alcohol.

Whether sober, sober-curious, pregnant, an athlete, or looking for ways to improve your mental health and wellbeing, we provide an extensive selection of non-alcoholic options for your event.

Our love for community building, sustainability, delicious drinks, and creating beauty is at the heart of who we are and at the core of every decision we make.

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