Now – to start off I’d like to say I don’t exactly enjoy romance novels. I really don’t. Most are cliché and follow a similar structure. (However, I do like books with romance that isn’t the main plot.) But as I read Breakfast with Neruda, I actually Sydney reviews the book Breakfast with Nerudareally liked it. And no I’m not just saying that to say it, but I’m being honest. You have these two kids who are seen as trouble-makers and are probably doomed for failure because of stereotypes. And I know that while I would never make that stereotype, I’ve seen it happen to a few kids. But we see it from their side of the story, as everyone has one. There is so much more than just the tip of an iceberg, and that’s the way I see Michael and Shelly, who are the characters in the book. The author writes scenes where you can feel the raw emotion in them.

The plot of the book is kinda like this. Michael is a kid whose mom has a serious hoarding problem so he lives in his car. Not only that, but this summer he has community service to work due to an incident with a former friend. Once he realizes he’s not the only kid having to work the long hours, he forms a bond with the person. The person is Shelly, and they do connect, but not so much on why they’re there. They both have stories and an entire summer to tell them.

This story is low-key, non-sensational and real. It’s a story about kids with personalities you may be familiar with facing realistic problems. It teaches that it’s okay to let your emotions out and have your walls broken and most of all it’s discovering that sometimes you need to let people help you – and that’s completely okay.

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To finish, I’d once again like to say I don’t like romance novels, but Laura Moe has really outdone herself with this novel, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like it. So take it from me, this book is amazing and I recommend it to anyway needing a good romance book in their life.

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Disclaimer – We received a copy of the book to facilitate our review.