I love working with Cave Tools on product reviews because their grilling tools and accessories are great – they’re affordable and built to last and let’s be honest… I’m not the only person who forgets to bring their tools in when they’re done grilling. Who else pulls the food off the grill, shuts down the gas, goes inside to eat and completely forget that you left your trusty tools laying next to the grill until the next morning?

Not you? Is it just me? How odd…

Okay! So the Cave Tools Pigtail Food Flippers – in a nutshell? Love them!! They come in two sizes – small and large and have a great weight to them so you can comfortably use them and not feel like you’re going to lose your meat. Both flippers are also 100% dishwasher safe!

Cave Tools Pigtail Food Flippers

Which one to use?

Long Barbecue Turner: Perfect on the grill for flipping ribs, steaks, chicken, hot dogs, burgers and other choice pieces of meat. We tested it out using pretty sizable chicken breasts and it worked like a charm!!

Cave Tools Pigtail Food Flippers

Short Pigtail Flipper: A little smaller than the large flipper so it works well in the kitchens for bacon, wings, pork roll, and that yummy roast in the crock pot!

I thought these were a unique addition to my grilling toolbox and so far, I was right! Love the fact that the flippers prevent me from making too much damage to my food while I’m grilling! Thanks to Cave Tools for sending them to me for a review!

Want a set of your own? Head to the Cave Tools site and use the code PIGTAIL15 to receive 15% off your own flippers! 

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And now… without further ado… here’s my bonus review on Cave Tools Grill Brush!

Cave Tools Grill Brush

I ordered this brush because I somehow ended up not having a brush for my grill. Don’t ask… I don’t know but I do know that it’s really hard to keep your grill clean without one ;). What I love about this brush is the angle of the bristles. Have you ever noticed that most brushes have an angle that works against cleaning the grates and not with it? What’s up with that?? These bristles actually go the same way as your grate making it so much more effective. I can knock out cleaning my grill in no time with this thing. Love, love, love it!!

Cave Tools Grill Brush

Cave Tools Grill Brush Specs:

100% RUST PROOF DESIGN – Never worry about forgetting your brush outside again. We’ve battle tested through rain & snow with No Rust

HEAVY DUTY STRENGTH CLIP – Keeps all 3 brushes tight together for maximum cleaning power on all types of grill grates

HIGHEST BRISTLE DENSITY – Stainless steel bristles wrap all the way around the top giving you better cleaning angles and longer lasting durability – Safe for Porcelain

So there you have it foodie friends and grilling gurus!! Two must-have additions to your grilling toolbox!! 


Disclaimer – I received a pair of the Pigtail Food Flippers in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine 🙂