A lot of families play Roses and Thornes at the end of the day to encourage not focusing on the “bad” that happens in the day. I realize that I’ve talked a lot about the bad of my week so I thought I would close it down with the good that happened.

There’s a Genius in the House

This was our 7th or 8th science fair (cumulatively between all the girls) and while they’ve all done great jobs this is the first year anyone has placed over “participant”. One of the PTA-ers called us yesterday to tell us that Sydney had won Honorable Mention! So excited for her.. she busted her tail on this one and unlike some parents in the world, the only thing we did was buy the supplies. The funniest part was when she walked thru the door after winning announcing that “the genius is home”.

Little Mama Brightens My Day

How surprised was I to see the George K Walker flower truck pull up to the house yesterday. Little Mama knew that I had a tough week and wanted to make my mood a little brighter by sending me flowers complete with my favorite flower – gerbera daisies. Truth be told, she made me cry a little because it was so unexpected, needed and so sweet.

Helping Minds Grow

My cousin Justin is a professor at UNCG in their Entrepreneur program. He asked me earlier in the year if I’d be interested in speaking to one of his classes about what it’s really like to own your own business. It was a small group but it was so interesting and rewarding to listen to their thoughts and ideas of what they hoped to achieve after graduation. We talked about personal branding and using caution with what they posted on Facebook and Twitter.

A Surprise in the Mail

I ran a class last weekend for the owners of Monkee’s Boutiques on how to brand yourself and working with the media. It was a long day but these ladies were full of questions, ideas and man did they dress to the nines. The experience was reward in itself but how cool was it to receive this package in the mail as a thank you gift? Whose day wouldn’t be brighter just looking at the package not to mention the earrings inside were to do die for. Thank you to the executive team of Monkee’s Corporate for asking me to be part of your day AND for the thank you gift!

I am always trying to remind my girls that it’s easy to complain and be part of the problem.. real strength and success is in finding the positive and being part of the solution. I failed miserably at that this week in my opinion and taking the time to reflect on the good that happened is something I should do more often.

Have a great Saturday!

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