It’s May 14th.

Just another day to many, but for us it’s a day of celebration.

It’s Sydney’s 12th birthday!

I hope you’ll help us party!

I’m sure we’ll celebrate with some cake…


Maybe we’ll get dressed up and hit the town…

sydney dress up

Maybe we’ll ride some rides..


Or a day at the spa?


There will be stories told..


And, since it’s a birthday, a nap isn’t entirely out of the question..


But, no matter what we choose to do, it will all center around celebrating the life and birth of this amazing girl named Sydney…


She’s passionate, strong, smart and funny. She’ll be the one who strikes, crusades and fights for the rights of human kind. She may discover the cure for something or dig deep and find a lost, ancient village. She could have her own comedy show or win the Next Food Network Star. Her determination knows no bounds and while she may drive us nuts, it’s a small price to pay to be in her world.

The past 11 years with this girl have been a fun ride and I can only imagine what the next 12, 24 and 36 will be like. You’re the best, Squidward and I hope you have an amazing 12th year. I’m proud to be your mom and love you to the moon and back.