No.. that’s not me, but I thought it would catch your attention!!

I’ve had a couple of products sent to me over the past few weeks that I wanted to tell you about. One I liked pretty well and the other – not so much.

GoGargle – Around this house if you have a sore throat or other infections of the mouth (cold sore, etc) you’ll be handed a glass ofgo-gargle warm salt water and told to gargle. GoGargle takes it one step further and adds honey and chamomile to their effervescent tabs to give you a little extra boost to this home remedy. This arrived just as Sydney was dealing with a sore throat and I promptly handed it over to her and told her to go gargle (hah.. get it?!). She liked it and said it definitely helped her feel better. I started coming down with the same thing myself, so tried it liked the concept behind it but I’ll be honest with you.. I’m not a fan of effervescent tabs. I could never do Alka-Seltzer (regular or cold medicine) and even Cold-eeze is pushing it for me. So while it did help my throat, I’m not sure I would be the one asking for it in the future. Hey… it was still a win for Syd!

degree-trydryDegree Dry Spray – I was sent this to try out and review and I was really jazzed at the idea of a dry antiperspirant. But, I can’t even lie about this… I hated this product. I loved the fact that it went on dry (yay! no white marks on my black clothes and no waiting to get dressed!) but unless I put it on in one room and then ran back to the bathroom, I was dying from the fumes.  No matter how I tried to put it on, I ended up inhaling.. it was bad. Now I know why they stopped making aerosol deodorants for the most part.

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So there you have it!! One we liked the other we didn’t. And isn’t it nice to see that I don’t LOVE everything I get asked to try?

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Disclaimer – I received both of these items to sample and give my honest opinion on them.