Teaching Parents What Their Kids Are Doing Online

“I contacted Kristen to speak to a group of moms who want to help their children as we navigate through digital adolescence together.  Even before we ‘officially’ started, we were involved in one of the richest discussions I have had to date regarding social media and its’ impact.  Mothers of both boys and girls were included; we talked about monitoring options, most popular apps and their content, click bait, predators & catfishing, and the incredible quantity of inappropriate content* to which kids can be exposed.  Parents owe it to themselves, and most importantly, to their children to be aware and educated about social media and understand how the digital world impacts their family in the real world.”

Social Savvy Workshops

Anyone who parents (or “adults” as we like to say) the digital generation will tell you that more often than not, they are at a loss as to what kids are really doing online and on their devices. This generation has NEVER known a time when there wasn’t a smartphone or computer around them, so they’re naturals at a medium that many adults consider confusing and impossible to control.

I created Social Savvy Workshops as a way to help train parents, teachers, clergy, and anyone else who finds themselves at a loss on how to educate themselves and their kids on the ins and outs of an online world. I do this thru a variety of ways:

  • Online Webinar Workshops
  • Half-day Parenting Bootcamps
  • School Assemblies
  • At-home Social Savvy Parents Group Training
  • At-home Social Savvy Kids Group Training
  • One-on-one Training
  • Customized Solutions

To learn more or register for a workshop, visit the Social Savvy Workshops site!


“The most popular question I received after “What will she cover?” was “Can we listen in from upstairs?”  Having a third party talk to your kids separate from you about social media can cause anxiety for some, but for kids … it makes them open up!  The session we scheduled for kids only included ages 10 through 12, boys and girls and a mix of schools.  All the parents did was drop off their children & Kristen took care of the rest!  They discussed online identities, catfishing, cyberbullying, reputation management online, appropriate posting & behavior for social media as well as what you send via text.  The kids really participated in the discussion, and all said they learned something new from the session.  Success!”


“One thing that made an impression on her was about being careful what she sends to people and especially boys because if the relationship doesn’t work out they might post things to hurt feelings or embarrass her. Since she doesn’t think like that she really took the advice to heart.”