Turkey Up and Laugh a Little!

Who’s ready for Thanksgiving?! I know I am.. we’re mixing our traditions up a little bit and heading to the Rooster’s parent’s house in Ohio. Can you believe in all the years we’ve been together, we’ve never spent Thanksgiving with them? Should be a fun time full of laughs, good food and of course, TV and football!The best Thanksgiving TV episodes of all time.

Considering that so many of us will be watching TV in our post-turkey coma, I thought it would be fun to run down some of the BEST Thanksgiving episodes from my favorite shows over the years. Maybe they’re yours too? Or maybe you’ve never seen them? If you’re looking to get in the Thanksgiving mood, flip on the TV, fire up your Netflix and welcome these old friends into your house. I promise, you’ll be glad you did!

Friends – ALL the Thanksgiving Episodes  How can you choose just ONE Thanksgiving episode from Ross, Rachel, and the gang? There’s the one with Brad Pitt.. there’s the one with Joey in the box, the one where Ross gets high, the one when Underdog escaped. Since I was “that age” during this show and lived out of town, most of my Thanksgivings were spent with my friends. And while our dinners never made it to a show, the love of my framily (friend-family) always made it a perfect day.


How I Met Your Mother – “Slapsgiving” What Friends did for Thanksgiving in the 90’s, HIMYM did it in the 00’s. Again.. so many great episodes to choose from but hands down, the best one is the first Slapsgiving.

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Cheers – “Thanksgiving Orphans” I miss Cheers. It was one of the best shows ever and the Thanksgiving episode that ended in one of the best TV food fights of all time shows you exactly why.

Everybody Loves Raymond – You know when these families get together it’s going to be hilarious with a side of dysfunction. Who can’t see their own families sitting in the seats around that table?

Roseanne – Ah, yes… Roseanne and Dan taught us that being broke and dysfunctional wasn’t just okay, it was normal. But the Conners always seemed to pull it together at the end and all was well in the world. Even if your mom does tell you that she’s decided she’s gay. Pass the peas.

Gilmore Girls  “A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving” – Well… because it’s the Gilmore Girls! You think eating one Thanksgiving dinner is tough? Try fitting FOUR into your day.

Gossip Girl  “Blair Waldorf Must Pie” – You know the pie’s going to get deep when it’s a Gossip Girl Thanksgiving. And yes.. I admit that GG is one of my guilty pleasures that I watch(ed) with the teen.

Not on available to stream on Netflix but I have to mention them:

All the ones above you can get on Netflix, and while these aren’t available to stream (yet!), they have to be mentioned because they’re just that great.

Mad About You “Giblets for Murray” – How many turkeys did Paul and Jamie go thru on this episode trying to get Thanksgiving just right? 7? 8? 12? Who knows. What I do know is that this is one of my favorite shows and episodes of all time.

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WKRP in Cincinnati “Turkeys Away!” – Mr. Carlson decides that throwing turkeys out of a helicopter would make a great radio promotion. I mean.. what could go wrong with that, right?? I was still in the single digits when this show was on the air, but thankfully there’s this thing called reruns.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving -And of course, the end-all, be-all Thanksgiving show of all time is Charlie Brown. Need I say more?

Okay! So those are some of my favorite Thanksgiving episodes. Do you like mine? What are your favorites?


DISCLAIMER: We’re big fans and long-time subscribers of Netflix and I’m proud to be a member for the Netflix StreamTeam. I received a Netflix subscription and a streaming device in return for posting awesome posts like these and keeping you up to date! All opinions, of course, are my own.