Mackenzie has become a Pinterest convert like the rest of the world but she has made more of her “pins” in the 3 months she’s been on than I have in a year and a half of pinning. Yesterday she made this crazy sweet (but yummy!) Dunkaroo Dip from funfetti cake mix.. Instant hit with everyone but especially the kids.

If you haven’t jumped into Pinterest, go ahead and do it. You can find a lot of really fun things to do with kids when they need a little boost of creativity. Today’s project is personalized coffee mugs. Quick trip to the dollar store to get plain, white mugs and she was in business!

All you need are the mugs and colorful Sharpies.. design your mug and the place them in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes for an inexpensive gift! One thing to note – bring the oven to temp with the mugs in there. If you put the mugs in after the temperature has gotten to 350, you run the risk of shattering the mugs.