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A Birthday Message to My 14 Year Old Daughter

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Dear Mackenzie, Today is your 14th birthday and the only reason that I can write this post is because I know that you never come over to this part of the woods. I can’t believe that 14 years ago you came  into this world and immediately changed everything that I knew to be good and replaced it with something amazing….


Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss

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Who didn’t grow up with this legendary author? His books and pictures still make me feel good and the lessons are still relevant with today. I came across this picture on Pinterest this morning and thought it was perfect for sharing today! Now get out there with a smile on your face and make a difference! Hey! If you leave…


We Call Him… Poppy. Or Dad. Or Big Steve

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Man our family likes to cram birthdays into the first of the year. I think the majority of birthdays happen in the first quarter of the year. Shheeesh. Yesterday was my father in laws birthday and I blame it on the iCloud that I forgot to write a birthday post. It was nagging me that I THOUGHT it was coming…


Happy Birthday To My Aunt and Saturday’s Time Capsule Surprise

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First and foremost, I’d like to take a moment and  give a big Happy Birthday shout out to my Aunt Sharon!!  This is one of my favorite photos of us…it was taken on July 5, 1971 which would have made her 12. If you’ll notice my rosy red cheeks, this was apparently long before the use of sunscreen was forced down…