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Medaloni Cellars Lewisville NC

Bloggers, Wine, and Medaloni Cellars

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There are few things that bloggers love more than seeing each other in person at meet-ups and wine. Make both of those happen at the same time and it’s Eutopia so when I was asked to bring together a few bloggers to take a private tour of Medaloni Cellars, I gathered up some of the best – and most fun…

updating your social media profiles

How to Make Your Social Media Profiles Sparkle!

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Freshen Up Your Social Media Profiles We’re closing out the school year and getting ready to settle into summer routines (or lack of!). A lot of bloggers notice that traffic quiets down as people head out for vacation, so why not take advantage of the slower pace and take the time to freshen up your social media profiles! This is…


Versatile Blogger Award

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I think my friend Kristen over at Part of the Plan awarded me this but with the busy, busy week I’ve had, I could be wrong. But, I’m going to use a healthy dose of ego and roll with it and even if she didn’t, she should have. We’re both Kristens and all.. Actually, Kristen added me to her “I Stalk,…


Things I Love – Day 5: Amazing Bloggers

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If you look on my blogroll, I have quite a few blogs listed, all written by some amazing authors. Every day, it seems I find another new one that I add to my Reader and most will eventually land on my blogroll. In the world of Twitter, Friday is known as #FF or Follow Friday, so thought this would be…


I’d Like To Thank The Academy

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For the nomination.. I mentioned earlier this week that I was floored and thrilled when I found out I (or rather this blog) was a finalist for Best Local Blog in a “competition” that Triad Moms on Main run every year. I’m not just trying to be humble when I say that I’m honored to just be nominated. I’m dead…


Another Month, Another Committment

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I must say that I’m pretty proud of myself for finishing my first ever BlogHer NaBloPoMo. I have had this site for close to 9 years now and the only thing that has been consistent is that I’ve been inconsistent. So for me to hit 31 straight days of writing is pretty major in my book.  The theme of January…


Social Media Common Sense For Bloggers

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As many know, I made a personal commitment to dig back into my personal blog in 2012 and I’m proud to say that, in my opinion, I’ve done a great job. What many of you may not know is that in my 9-5 life, I own a company that specializes in digital and social media marketing. Sometimes it’s really hard…