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How to make money from your blog

Can You Really Make Money from Blogging?

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What are the Costs of Blogging and Can You Make Money? When you’re sipping your morning coffee or your evening glass of wine and catching up on your favorite blog posts, have you ever stopped to think about the person behind that site? That they spend countless hours creating articles and videos for you to enjoy? Some of those bloggers…

6 blogging myths you need to forget

Six Blogging Myths You Need to Forget

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Stop Whining and Start Blogging Humans love to make excuses for why something can’t be done. They won’t call them excuses, but let’s get real—if you’re tasked with doing something, and you give a reason why you can’t (or won’t), it’s not a reason—it’s an excuse. Excuses are our brains’ natural reaction to anything that’s uncomfortable or out of the…


To Pop-Up or Not to Pop-Up: That Is the Question.

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The Pros and Cons of Using Pop-Ups Pop-up ads are nothing new to the internet, but if you feel like you’re seeing them for more than just ads, you’re correct. Almost any site you go to these days has some form of pop-up with a call to action on it. Whether it’s to sign up for the newsletter or blog,…


Sometimes, It’s Not Just About the Franklins

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Why Do You Keep Blogging? Anyone who writes a blog will tell you there’s a ton of money to be made. Of course, they’re lying but hey.. a dream has to start somewhere, right? The truth of the matter is, that while there may be some money to be made in blogging, the “big” money is usually reserved for the…

just because we don't parent the same doesn't make me a bad parent

The Day I was Trolled and Parent Shamed

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It was bound to happen sooner or later…  In my opinion, Camel City Dispatch is THE source for news in our town and the Editor, Chad Nance, will occasionally grab some of my articles and use them in their parenting section. We’ve become friends over the past couple of years or so and share similar attitudes towards parenting and life in…

social media routine

Social Media Success: You Have to Have a Routine

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The number one reason clients work with is because they either don’t have the time to handle social media or they don’t have the knowledge—usually a little bit of both. Quite often they jump into social media and think that devoting five minutes a day to it will net results, which is just not the case… at least not at first….

creating relevant content

Social Media Success – How to Create Great Content

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Creating Relevant Content Last week, we discussed the relationship “R” of the 3 R’s of social media: why they’re important and why that, above all else, needs to be the #1 focus in your social media efforts. From focusing on your customer to giving them what they want (not what you want), your customer should always be the focus in your…