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Cyberbullying and text threats - what parents need to know

What do Parents Need to Know About Cyber-bullying?

Social Media and Technology, Teens By February 8, 2019 Tags: , , , , 28 Comments

What is cyber-bullying? If you’ve been around here for any amount of time, you may remember that we’ve had our fair share of “mean girls” and various forms of bullying. The first time that I felt a need to step in was when M was in the 5th grade and that’s when I learned a hard lesson of parenting: Unless…


The Thing About Bullying – Love Is All You Need?

Teens By April 26, 2013 Tags: , , , 5 Comments

There are no two ways about it – bullying is an epidemic in our schools and with our kids. No child deserves to be taunted, teased and beat up because they may look, think or act differently. We should never have to hear about the death of a child ever but especially not one that includes the word “bully” anywhere…