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Cave Tools Pigtail Food Flippers

Reviewing Cave Tools Pigtail Food Flippers… Plus One!

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I love working with Cave Tools on product reviews because their grilling tools and accessories are great – they’re affordable and built to last and let’s be honest… I’m not the only person who forgets to bring their tools in when they’re done grilling. Who else pulls the food off the grill, shuts down the gas, goes inside to eat and completely…


McDonald’s New Philosophy: The Simpler The Better

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Earlier this year, I was invited to taste test the then-new Breakfast All Day options that McDonald’s was rolling out. Other local bloggers and our families got to experience having McDonald’s breakfast for dinner!! How awesome is that? This month, a few of us gathered again to try something new — the all new McNugget that McDonald’s has rolled out!!…

Grilling in the dark is no problem with the BBQ light from Cave Tools

8PM and the Grillin’ is Fine….

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No More Grilling in the Dark! While the Boss may be Dancin’ in the Dark, right now the Rooster is grillin’ in the dark LIKE a boss and not having a single issue with the “is it really done??” conundrum that can come with late night grilling. Let’s face it, in an ideal world we’d have dinner over and done…

Making Apple Smoked Piggy Pops with Cave Tool Smoker Box

Let’s Make Apple Smoked Piggy Pops on the Grill!

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Making Apple Smoked Piggy Pops with Cave Tool Smoker Box One of the big drawbacks of winter is that we do not grill out nearly as much as we do in the warmer weather. Now that it’s March, we’re slowly getting back into grilling out at least once, if not twice, a week. Pretty soon we’ll be back at it at…

Valentine's Day Giveaway from Simply Janelle Designs

Jonas Update from SnOMG Central and a Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

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Surviving Winter Storm Jonas in NC I’m on my 3rd day in a row of not leaving the house thanks to Snowstorm Jonas. Well, 75% of it is because of Jonas… the other 25% is that I just don’t want to. I went to the store on Thursday and blew my budget on enough groceries to last us til next…


Kristen’s Kitchen: Chocolate Crack

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Chocolate Crack Recipe Apparently I like sweets with the word “crack” in it. First there was McQuilkin’s Crack aka Pecan Chewies. I love my best friend’s Grandmother’s Crack which, ironically, is a whole lot like this recipe minus the chocolate. But hey – adding chocolate to anything pretty much escalates it to the uber-crack status, doesn’t it? The oldest brought…

super bowl sunday food

5 on Friday: The 5 Foods We’ll Be Gnoshing on Super Bowl Sunday

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I don’t know about you but next to the commercials, the food is all I care about when it comes to Super Bowl Sunday. I heard someone say that next to Thanksgiving, it’s the  most food-focused day of the year and believe that. We don’t have any skin in this game (remember… we’re an Eagles and Cowboys house) and since…


Kristen’s Kitchen: David’s Texas Chili

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Texas Chili   One of the many things that I got from my Dad is my love for cooking and good food. And chili. My God could this man make some wicked good chili. I’ve made this recipe for many different people, in many different states and for just about any occasion you can think of. It is perfect on…

Valentines Day with LOBS

We Heart Valentine’s Day – #LOBS

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Who doesn’t love Valentine’s Day? Well, unless you’re single and want to be with someone.. then it kind of sucks but other than that, it’s a really fun holiday. It’s the perfect day to tell everyone you love them and spread the word draped in pink and red! You can make funny sentences out of those little conversation hearts and…