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At the Sound of the Tone…Vacation!

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Well it’s finally here… vacation!!! We started talking about this earlier in the year and decided that there was NO way we were not going to the beach this summer. We have not had a family vacation in over TWO years. That’s too long, friends. So the Rooster, the Bestie, the Bestie’s Hubs, FIVE girls, and I are heading down…


Amazing Race – And Now We Wait

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Auditioning for The Amazing Race It all started innocently enough.. you know.. how everything starts these days. With a Facebook status update. “The Rooster won’t do it with me, my mom will be out of town and my kids are too young. So, who’s auditioning with me?” If you’ve never seen the show, 12 teams of 2 race around the…


Domestic Help versus Doing it Yourself

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Dawana over at A Bittersweet Existence is pregnant. And pregnant women tend to get fidgity, bored and fiesty. Sometimes all at the same time. Last week, Dawana was sitting around being all three of those and thought that writing posts that were based on one random question bouncing thru her head would be a good idea. I see her tweet…