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#StreamTeam Binge Watching – Dragons: Race to the Edge

Entertainment, Netflix StreamTeam By July 18, 2015 Tags: , , , , 3 Comments

It’s no secret that we binge watch a lot of shows in this house. 5 summers ago it was Weeds. 2 years ago it was Breaking Bad. Last year it was Sons of Anarchy and currently it’s Orange is the New Black (no we haven’t finished.. we’re trying to NOT binge watch a show for once…). But those are all…

the best sing-along songs

The Best Sing-Along Songs of All Time. For Now.

Entertainment By January 9, 2015 Tags: , , , , 5 Comments

I saw a post this past weekend (on Cathy E’s Facebook page!!) of the tribute to Billy Joel when he received his Gershwin Prize and it was… a celebrity filled sing-along of Piano Man and was fabulous, of course! I started thinking abotu all the incredible songs that we all sing really, really loudly when we hear and them especially if…

I need some space

I Just Need Some Space

Entertainment By October 4, 2014 Tags: , , , , 2 Comments

Mamas Just Need Some Space Remember how much I love(d) the song from Meghan Trainor “All about the Bass” because of it’s awesome positive body image? Well I’m loving this parody – “I Just Need MY Space” from MyLifeSuckers just as much for it’s positive MOM image. As in.. give me my space kids!! Although honestly, if you have older kids like…