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2016 Father's Day gift guide - get dad the gift that will make him smile all day!

2016 Father’s Day Gift Guide for the Big Guy

Lifestyle By May 29, 2016 Tags: , , , 8 Comments

Gift Ideas for the Big Guy’s Father’s Day! FYI…. this post may include affiliate links and if you buy using those links, it is at no extra cost to you! 3 weeks and counting, friends!! Lucky for the guys out there, we girls typically plan this stuff pretty far in advance. BUT! Just in case you’re struggling, I’ve pulled together…

the 2014 gift guide for moms

The Gift Guide for What Your Wife Really Wants

Lifestyle, Reviews and Giveaways By November 28, 2014 Tags: , , , 1 Comment

WooHoo!!! It’s Black Friday!!! Disclaimer… I have lived 45.11 years without EVER seeing Titanic OR shopping on Black Friday (of Black ThursdayFriday) and have no intentions of breaking that streak. You can carry on now.  I remember the one year that the Rooster bought me a naughty nighty for Christmas. Bless his heart he tried, but the problem is that…