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Saturday Select and Why I’m All Blair Witch-y

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Happy Saturday, dear reader. As you’re reading this post, you’re probably in your jammies.. sipping a hot cup of coffee and if you’re REALLY lucky – you’re doing all this before your kids get up and you have to kick it into high gear and drag them all over God’s green earth.  But not me. I’m not really here right…


Can You Say Girl Scout Cookies???

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It’s peanut butter jelly Girl Scout cookie time! Well, almost. The official selling season doesn’t start until December 29th but I just had to share this little teaser with you. Our Junior troop created a video set to the tune of “Call me Maybe” (you know you’ve made it big when your song gets tweaked into one about cookies…) to tell…


Everyone Has a Story…

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… You just have to stop and listen. I often tell my kids “you have 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason” but realize that sometimes, I forget those same words.   Sydney, Cassie and I were at the 100th Girl Scout Anniversary celebration where there were HUNDREDS of Girl Scouts, leaders and parents. It was truly an awesome…


Saturday Snippets 2-25

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A whole week without Mackenzie makes for a long week. Looking forward to see her back home tomorrow night but boy is that Monday 6am alarm going to stink for her. Ouch. Oh well. the price you pay for a week in paradise. I’ve heard she’s done really well for her first time skiing and even skied all blues yesterday!…