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Funny Easter Story, Another Holiday That Tries to Turn Me Into a Liar

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Happy Easter, everyone!! By the time you read this, I will be one step closer to embarking on Spring Break ’16!!! But have no fear, I have lined up some amazing friends to keep you entertained while I’m gone!! Today’s guest blogger is the one and only Abbie Gale. I met Abbie a few years ago at  Bloggy Boot Camp…


How You Can Help Your Teen Be a Safe, Smart, Responsible Driver

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A note from Kristen: This is a guest post from the founder of Teen Driving Solutions. As you may (or may not!) know, our oldest daughter got her learners permit in November which is a whole new chapter in our lives. With all the distractions and the aggressive drivers and a teen’s lack of experience, getting into a car with…


Vacay Guest Post: Pinterest To-Do List

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Have you been staring at your Pinterest boards wondering where it all went wrong?  It started out so innocently, didn’t it?  One board, a few pins and then it got crazy!  When I started on my Pinterest journey I thought it would just be a few “saved” items here and there.  47 boards and 2,214 pins later I am in a…


Vacay Guest Post – Social Teens and Their Clueless Parents

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I happen to know quite a bit about social media. I am a social media consultant and trainer. I am also the mom to three teenagers (and a ‘Shorty’ who’s only 8) but I’ve never proclaimed to be especially tech savvy or extraordinary gifted with hardware and software knowledge. I don’t need to. I am lucky. I have a live-in…


Vacay Guest Post – I am a King

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I am a King. This King has a beautiful Queen and 4 beautiful Princesses. Now, I have 4 Knights in shiny armor and a new generation of Princesses and Princes developing. Being their King is a blessing. Let me explain. Every King has a kingdom. When my Princesses were young our first “kingdom” was the back yard of a townhouse. Eventually…