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What Are the Random Things that Make You Happy?

Parenting By February 25, 2016 Tags: , , , 5 Comments

The Happy Enchilada Song “That’s the way that the world goes ’round, you’re up one day – the next you’re down. It’s a half an inch of water and you think you’re gonna drown. That’s the way that the world goes ’round” You know when you’re going about your day and you stumble upon something that just makes you smile…


Rooster’s in the Hen House

Teens By April 29, 2013 Tags: , , , , 11 Comments

Today is mine and the Rooster’s anniversary. We’ve been married 13 years today and together for a few more than that.  We’re no different from any other couple in the world – life hasn’t always been smooth but somehow, we’ve managed to stick together. We don’t make as much time for each other as we should, but now that the…