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Sure-Fire Fixes for Holiday Break Boredom

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Let Netflix Nip Holiday Boredom in the Bud You know it’s going to happen at some point, so just stop pretending that it won’t. Other than the summer break, the break during the Christmas holidays is the longest one during the school year. Once the excitement over the new toys, clothes, or gadgets has worn off, everyone’s going to be…

How to get your customer service issues resolved using social media.

6 Ways to Go Social and not Postal this Holiday

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Something Wrong? Quit Bitching and Start Getting Results The holidays are officially on like Donkey Kong which means most of us will be whipping out our credit cards and either shopping from the comfort of our home (me!!) or braving the crazies at the shopping centers. I feel pretty certain that at some point over the next few weeks something…

2016 Father's Day gift guide - get dad the gift that will make him smile all day!

2016 Father’s Day Gift Guide for the Big Guy

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Gift Ideas for the Big Guy’s Father’s Day! FYI…. this post may include affiliate links and if you buy using those links, it is at no extra cost to you! 3 weeks and counting, friends!! Lucky for the guys out there, we girls typically plan this stuff pretty far in advance. BUT! Just in case you’re struggling, I’ve pulled together…


Funny Easter Story, Another Holiday That Tries to Turn Me Into a Liar

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Happy Easter, everyone!! By the time you read this, I will be one step closer to embarking on Spring Break ’16!!! But have no fear, I have lined up some amazing friends to keep you entertained while I’m gone!! Today’s guest blogger is the one and only Abbie Gale. I met Abbie a few years ago at  Bloggy Boot Camp…

Looking for the best gift you can give? Give a Netflix gift card!

12 Reasons Netflix Makes a Better Gift than Socks

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Someone’s Getting 6 Months of Netflix FREE on My Birthday Okay… socks aren’t that bad of a gift. I mean… they can keep your feet warm while you’re binging on your favorite shows, right? Plus there are a lot of cool socks out on the market today. My newest favorite are World’s Softest Socks which the 17YO introduced me to….

The best Thanksgiving TV episodes of all time.

Some of the Best Thanksgiving TV Episodes of All Time

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Turkey Up and Laugh a Little! Who’s ready for Thanksgiving?! I know I am.. we’re mixing our traditions up a little bit and heading to the Rooster’s parent’s house in Ohio. Can you believe in all the years we’ve been together, we’ve never spent Thanksgiving with them? Should be a fun time full of laughs, good food and of course,…