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no more fangating on facebook

New Rules for Your Facebook Pages

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You Can’t Make Me Like You The only thing that doesn’t change about Facebook is that at least twice a year, they push through some pretty significant changes. Whether those changes affect the public user or the business user is usually the only surprise. The next round of changes to the business pages of Facebook will go into effect on November…

win a pair of sunglasses from VSP

Healthy Families, Healthy Eyes and a Giveaway from VSP!

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Protecting Your Family’s Vision Never Looked So Good! Disclosure – I was compensated with a pair of cool, trendy, designer sunglasses for writing this post for VSP. Maybe even the same sunglasses you could win just by entering below!! All stories and opinions are still my own. But you already knew that! Other than our oldest, every person in our…


WTH is Wrong With Walmart and Victoria’s Secret?

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I’m on a podcast tonight called The Bean Cast (I’ll write more about that later) and in prepping for it, I was reminded of two insane occurrences that happened in the ad and retail world this past week that are different but exactly the same in some ways. I’m speaking of Walmart and Victoria’s Secret and their perception of body images,…

Four Hens NaBloPoMo

November 1st – AKA OMG What Happened to 2014??

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It’s National Blog Posting Month!! It’s November 1st. Most of us are sitting here in a sugar-crashed coma from either too much candy or too much booze from last night’s festivities of Halloween. If you live in NC, you’re lucky and thanks to the rainy, cold front that’s crept in last night, you’ll be able to use that as an…

mom for sale

For Sale: Slightly Used 1968 Model M

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For Sale: 1968 slightly worn out yet still in good condition Mom. Filter doesn’t always work, exhaust blows smoke (but only when needed), sometimes needs time to warm up to run effectively, edges are a little rough, horn is loud and can sound unexpectedly, but the radio is perfectly pitched. Windows are stuck halfway down, headlights are out of focus,…


Presidential Debates: A House Divided

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The Presidential Debates were on last night in case you missed the armchair quarterbacking on Facebook this morning. Election time is never pretty around our house but we’ve managed to survive 4 elections together. Honest to God, I think we vote just to cancel each other out. That way – neither of us wins. Or loses, depending which way you look…