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Teens hear a lot of rules about driving, but I want to talk about the rules you may have forgotten!

Don’t Block the Box Plus More Advice for Teen Drivers

Teens By June 8, 2016 Tags: , , , , 12 Comments

More Advice for Teen Drivers A while back, I offered up some advice for teen drivers – things that they don’t necessarily learn in Drivers Ed. I really only scratched the surface of things they need to know – and watching the drivers in our town, apparently a lot of you could use a refresher as well. Tips such as…

living with a teenager

What’s Your Life Going to Be Like Now That You Have a Teen?

Teens By February 17, 2016 Tags: , , , , 6 Comments

Welcome to Your New Teen-dom You remember the saying “when you have a child, it is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around your body”? I think it’s really true when you’re the parent of a teen or tween except it’s more like your heart is being stomped. I’ll never forget the day when I realized that…

You think you lost sleep when your kids were little? Just wait til they're teens.

For the Love of God I Need Sleep – The Teen Years

Teens By January 21, 2016 Tags: , , , , 1 Comment

Oh, sleep… How I miss you… Our oldest is 17 years old. Which means that it’s been 18 years since I’ve had a decent night’s sleep. I miss sleep. I covet sleep. I am starting to wonder if all those time when I was partying in my 20’s and laughed and said “Hah! I’ll sleep when I’m dead!” is coming…


The Difference Between Wanting and Expecting

Teens By November 4, 2015 Tags: , , , , 8 Comments

Running the shuttle yesterday, Mackenzie and I drove thru one of the older neighborhoods in our area. You know the ones – with the big, old, huge estates that the people who built the towns used to live in. The houses that are enviable even to those who know the secrets that often live behind the doors. Right on cue, she…


7 Simple Rules for Living in Our House

Parenting, Teens By October 7, 2013 Tags: , , , , 46 Comments

Dear Kids, Living in this house isn’t always easy. Just like being a teen isn’t easy. You see your friends who seemingly have no boundaries and all the baubles in the world and you wonder why. Why have you been placed in this house where there are horrid things like rules and limitations and boundaries? What did you do in…


Vacay Guest Post – Social Teens and Their Clueless Parents

Blogging, Teens By August 14, 2013 Tags: , , , , 7 Comments

I happen to know quite a bit about social media. I am a social media consultant and trainer. I am also the mom to three teenagers (and a ‘Shorty’ who’s only 8) but I’ve never proclaimed to be especially tech savvy or extraordinary gifted with hardware and software knowledge. I don’t need to. I am lucky. I have a live-in…