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National Pawn – Changing Your Opinions About Pawn Shops!

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Do you remember the word association game? For instance, if I say “coffee” what’s the first thing you think of? For me, it’s a cup with steam rolling off of it. So if I said the word “pawn shop”, what is your immediate reaction? For some, it could be a place where you go to sell your stuff (or get a…

How to get your customer service issues resolved using social media.

6 Ways to Go Social and not Postal this Holiday

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Something Wrong? Quit Bitching and Start Getting Results The holidays are officially on like Donkey Kong which means most of us will be whipping out our credit cards and either shopping from the comfort of our home (me!!) or braving the crazies at the shopping centers. I feel pretty certain that at some point over the next few weeks something…

Back to school shopping lists for high school and middle school.

Back to School Supply Lists for High School and Middle School

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I hate to bust your summer bliss bubble, but it’s August and while it’s still early in August, everyone knows what’s looming around the corner… Back to School. Hey. Don’t kill the messenger – I’m just reporting the facts. And while you may be the one in a hundred who’s thinking “but I don’t WANT school to start back” you,…


Twas the Night Before Boutique..

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Plus a Giveaway!! Don’t shoot the messenger, but Buddy the Elf says you only have 5 Fridays (6 if you count this one) left before Christmas is here! That being the case, I have some questions for you: Have your kids started plotting their lists? Have you decided on your budget? Have you figured out which set of parents you’re…


The Difference Between Wanting and Expecting

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Running the shuttle yesterday, Mackenzie and I drove thru one of the older neighborhoods in our area. You know the ones – with the big, old, huge estates that the people who built the towns used to live in. The houses that are enviable even to those who know the secrets that often live behind the doors. Right on cue, she…

slice the shopping app

Track Your Shopping with Slice and Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

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Keeping Your Online Shopping Organized and a Giveaway! This is a sponsored post and giveaway from Slice. I was compensated for my time to review their offerings but all opinions are my own. 2/18 UPDATE: I apologize but there were conflicting messages about the value of the card. The giveaway is actually for a $100 Amazon Gift Card, NOT $150…

junior league of winston salem boutique

Triad Love: Boutique-ing with the Junior League of Winston-Salem

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You know the holidays are right around the corner when Santa is at the mall on Halloween, Wal-Mart has decorations up on July 4th and the JLWS has their Boutique! Since the other two have already happened, you can guess which one I’m making sure you know about… Junior League of Winston Salem’s Annual Boutique! If you’re in the Triad,…


Getting the Lion’s Share at Food Lion

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This post is FULL of news and items!! I’ve got pictures, video AND a give away!! Who’s your favorite blogger now?! Food Lion is one of the three “regular” grocery stores in our area (Note.. I don’t put Whole Foods or Fresh Market in this category) and is known for its lower prices and simple stores. While I’m a big fan…