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My Favorite Leaked Super Bowl Ads

Entertainment By January 31, 2015 Tags: , , , No Comments

I talked about food yesterday and today it’s all about the commercials!! I’ll give a recap next week on any that missed the “pre” release radar but for now.. here are the ones that I’ve seen and love for one reason or another. I can’t WAIT to see the Brady Bunch/Snickers and, of course, the Budweiser one. And yes, I…

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5 on Friday: The 5 Foods We’ll Be Gnoshing on Super Bowl Sunday

Food and Drink By January 30, 2015 Tags: , , , 5 Comments

I don’t know about you but next to the commercials, the food is all I care about when it comes to Super Bowl Sunday. I heard someone say that next to Thanksgiving, it’s the ┬ámost food-focused day of the year and believe that. We don’t have any skin in this game (remember… we’re an Eagles and Cowboys house) and since…

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5 on Friday: More Random Thoughts than the NFL has Balls

Lifestyle By January 23, 2015 Tags: , , , , No Comments

If you’re used to seeing this post load up at 6-something in the morning, I have bad news for you. It ain’t gonna happen. Why? Because it’s 10:15 and I’ve been watching Sons of Anarchy and thinking that I would make an amazing Gemma. And that I’m 15 minutes late to bed. Which leads me into today’s post about some…