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Saturday Share: Thanksgiving Edition – Grandma’s Got a Bong

Lifestyle By November 29, 2014 Tags: , , , , No Comments

Who’s still with family and who finally broke free?? I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and if you indulged in Black Friday, I hope you got great deals and no stress headaches. I’ve got a house to decorate for Christmas, so let’s get on with the best things I read or saw this week!! Celebrities Instagram Their Thanksgiving Meals…


Scary Mommy Nation Thanksgiving Project – Giving Families Something to be Thankful For

Parenting By November 13, 2013 Tags: , , , , 12 Comments

I love Thanksgiving.. it’s the time of the year where we are reminded that what we should be most grateful for is the family and friends that give us love and support no matter what. Every year at Thanksgiving, my family has a gratitude bowl where we write what we’re most thankful for. My Aunt has kept those slips of paper…


Calling BS on the Sanctimonious Black Friday Protests

Lifestyle By November 24, 2012 Tags: , , , , , 4 Comments

My friend Cristi likes to shop. I do not. She also likes to shop on Black Friday. Again, I do not. It’s not because I don’t like Black Friday – it’s because I don’t like to shop. I can think of nothing worse than being forced into a situation where EVERYONE in the world is shopping at the same time….