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Alpha Chi Omega sorority sisters were made fun of earlier this week for.. taking selfies? Really people? Stop hating and start donating.

Turns Out the Selfie Girls are Pretty Selfless

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But First.. Let Me Help Abuse Victims Did you see this video running around Facebook this week? The video of the sorority sisters at a Diamondbacks game, having a good time and taking selfies (which is what girls this age do, if you live under a rock). Lots and lots of selfies. Even the Diamondbacks announcers jumped in to make…

o wines for opportunity

O Wines – O is for Opportunity.. Not Oprah

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O Wines – Giving Young Women Educational Opportunities When I was in my 20s, my preferred beverage was beer and not the craft beer but the run of the mill beer. It wasn’t until I moved to Colorado that I discovered craft beers, but it’s also when my preference shifted to wine and that’s pretty much been my preference since….