Do You Recognize these Annoying People on Facebook?

The longer Facebook is around, the more annoying people get. It used to be that it was game requests and poking (still…does ANYONE know what that really meant?!) were the most annoying things to see but nope… it keeps getting worse. It got so bad for me a few weeks ago, that I took a bit of a sabbatical for a while.. unfortunately, due to the nature of my business, I couldn’t take it for too long but let me tell you… those several days were pure bliss and I find myself on the site for personal reasons a lot less frequently. Who are the newest worst offenders of Facebook? I've got 5 of them right here...

I wrote about this a while ago but had to update the list of the newest most annoying people who are on Facebook these days…

The “I Just Want to Vent” People

They put up a post proclaiming to vent and either post a passive aggressive comment halfway thru proclaiming they didn’t mean for anyone to comment or delete all of the comments and THEN add a comment like “I love you all, but I ask that you don’t comment on this. I don’t want to start a conversation on this. I just wanted to vent.” (FYI… that happened tonight and prompted this post… ) If you don’t want people to comment, don’t VagueBook or FaceVent. That’s what Twitter’s for.

People Who Use Facebook Like Shutterfly

When did it become necessary to upload every. damn. picture. you have on your iPhone? 150 photos of the family Thanksgiving dinner? Check. 125 photos of little Susie’s 3rd grade dance recital? Check. 247 photos of the kids opening gifts on Christmas Eve? Double check. These people either need to realize no one cares about their own family that much, much less yours or need to disengage the “auto-load” feature on their computer. Pick the best ones, keep it under 20 pictures and you’re good to go.

Bloggers Who Only Use Facebook to Promote Themselves

Look. I get it. You want people to know all about your latest and greatest accomplishment, ambassadorship or sponsored post. But here’s the thing, the majority of people on Facebook AREN’T bloggers and really don’t understand what you/we do and honestly, don’t give two shakes about it. Unfortunately, most bloggers are so new to the game that they just don’t get the basic rules of branding and go by the rule book of “just put it ALL out there ALL the time”. Please just stop.

Moms Fighting in the Pinterest Hunger Games

I love me some Pinterest crafts and recipes as much as the next person but can I just tell you how grateful I am that I didn’t have to worry about my raising my girls with the added stress of the Pinterest Hunger Game competition? From the endless teacher gifts (I think teachers are the biggest winners in this competition) to the over the top birthday parties and cakes and let’s not even talk about the Elf on the Shelf posts.

The Daily Pregnancy Updates

Yep. You’re preggers. Congrats. But like my dad told me 17 1/2 years ago when I was pregnant with my oldest, “you’re not the first woman in the world to be pregnant”. While the occasional update on how you’re doing is fun to get, save us the daily blow-by-blow detailed posts. Even the weekly posts comparing your fetus to a fruit or vegetable is pushing it. Maybe I’m old(er) but I find these as annoying as gender reveal parties. Start a private Facebook group and post to your heart’s content. But please, save the rest of us.

Okay… who or what did I miss? I’m not talking about the repeat offenders of political and religious rhetoric or the VagueBookers, but the newer breeds of offenders..