I was informed yesterday that Mackenzie would be hosting what can only be termed as an “anti-party”. What’s an anti-party, you ask?

It’s the party you throw when you’ve been snubbed from another party.

Remember the parties back in elementary school where you invited the whole class or at least all the kids of the appropriate sex? Yeah, that doesn’t happen in middle school. And as we all know, middle school is where all the division starts happening. This person only invites certain people and it doesn’t matter if the kids were all BFFs when they were younger, sometimes you just don’t make the cut.

And that hurts.

I remember being in middle school when the party invites would go out. You would sit there in (silent) breathless anticipation to get your invite and when it didn’t happen, it hurt. Big time. Sure you would put on your facade that it didn’t matter, but deep down, it really did. This age group yearns to be included – not just by “the” group but ALL the groups. So when you know a group of people that you consider friends throws a party and you don’t get an invitation, it sucks.

I realize that it’s not very “pc” of me to be proud of her for this but I am. More specifically, I’m proud of her for having the attitude of “so what, you didn’t invite me.. I’ll have my own party opposite of yours”. I know that it’s a cover for the hurt she’s feeling, but I’d much rather she take control of the situation as opposed to moping around the house because she didn’t get invited.

So I said yes. I said yes to having 5, 13 year old girls come and spend the night. And since her sisters didn’t want to be left out, they each invited a friend to spend the night, too. I’ll save you the math on this one.. that would be a total of NINE girls coming to our house tonight.

NINE girls under the age of 14.

Yes, I’m crazy.

Yes, I bought $90 worth of junk food to make them happy and festive.

Yes, I realize that we will be loco by the end of the night. But, that’s okay. We’re all doing it for the right reason.

The funny thing is that as I’m sitting here writing this, I’m struck by something. Stick with me, I promise I have a point….

  • 9 girls spending the night
  • 90.00 spent in food
  • 9th of March will be the date…

That’s a lot of 9’s… 9 is a pretty special number because it is considered by those who are interested in numbers as the sign of perfection. It’s also considered the strongest of all the numbers because it’s the largest, single digit number.

Strength and perfection.

Yep… sounds pretty fitting for this group.



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