I’m down to the eleventh hour – both literally and figuratively – for my Saturday post for NaBloPoMo. I have been playing catch up from this insane week that I had. The next time that I think of scheduling THREE events in one week, someone please stop me.

So what do I put down here that will justify a legitimate post?

No clue.

So instead of stretching my brain too far, I think I’ll do a rundown of things that happened this week…

Linking Winston-Salem – This is a networking group that my friend Susan Morris and I started. The premise is to bring professionals together to learn from each other without the pressure of passing leads (ala BNI) or dues. If you can make one of the lunches, that’s great. If not, see you next time. We meet once a month for lunch and have a speaker. This month our speaker was none other than the handsome man that I call the Rooster. He works for a company that provides emergency notification software and I thought it would be a prudent topic for our buisness owners. He was nervous, but did an amazing job.

steve daukas missionmode sales


Little Mama In Egypt – I have a whole post on this topic but I’ve sat on bated breath all week with my mom being in Egypt. I was not a happy camper when she told me she was going and I spent the better half of 3 weeks trying to convince her to cancel her trip. But, she’s as stubborn as Sydney (or the other way around) and she insisted on going. I would have felt more comfortable if she’d had booked a guided tour that she would stick with the whole trip. Tour guides like Egypt Tours take you round the pyramids and the temples of the Nile Valley. Beautiful! In the end, everything went well. She had an amazing trip and I was so proud of her for standing her ground and doing what she wanted to do (now I know I get it from BOTH parents). This is one of my favorite pictures that she posted while she was there. Does she look happy or what?

little mama goes to egypt

ConvergeSouth – I posted about this yesterday but I am thrilled to say the event went off pretty much, without a hitch. I was a little nervous on Sunday night when I lost our keynote speaker (who I had personally secured), but we recovered from that and within 2 hours had all spots filled. Even with ANOTHER last minute loss of speaker, the day was magnificent. Every single person I talked to had a great day and raved at the changes that had happened and there was so much energy! It’s amazing the difference that passion and relationships can bring to an event. Almost every single speaker that I brought in, I had never met in person. Sometimes, you just know what the right formula is going to be. I’m hopeful that I get the formula right next year, too.

convergesouth agenda

Like I said… it was an insane week but I love them that way, really.


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