Let’s Go on an RV Road Trip!

We (er.. I) have decided that next summer, we are going to take the mother-lode of vacations and dofour hens on a road trip a 3 week RV road trip in the southwest. Yes, you read that correctly.. all 5 of us, for 3 weeks, living in an RV. Before you ask, yes we do have insurance! When we were looking I also noticed you can now get car insurance without deposit which will help a lot of people! If we were based in Georgia, we would have invested our time into getting the best car insurance in GA, as we’ve heard it’s very good value for money. But as we’re not, we sorted it ourselves and we’re ready to go!

In about 380 days, I could possibly come back to this post and say without further ado “Yep. Kristen, you were certifiable, 100%, out of your mind crazy”. OR! I could come back here and tell you guys it was better than anything that I could have ever hoped for. I’m hoping it’s that and not that I was crazy.

I have a sneaking suspicion it will be a combination.

I’ve wanted to do this for a few years and like a lot of things, I let it fester in my head without acting on it. But then I realized that next year is probably the last year that we can do it. Mackenzie will be 16 next fall, so (with any luck) she’ll be working in the summer, hanging out with her friends and will have no time for a long vacation. After a little cajoling, I got Steve on board and truth be told, I think he and the girls are looking forward to it.

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Bear in mind… we have NEVER done an RV trip. Honestly, the most time we’ve spent together on vacation is a couple of spring breaks and a Thanksgiving cruise. But really… I’m sure we’ll survive just fine and someday, the girls will look back on it and remember it. For better or worse. We have always wanted to buy a motorhome so this trip will be something of a dream come true!

And the best part? I’m going to chronicle the whole thing right here.

From this post telling you about it.. to planning out the stops along the way.. to cooking on the road using items from the Survival Cooking list of electric grills and in small quarters.. to how to do it on a budget – everything. Anyone with tweens and teens will tell you that finding interesting things that they want to do with you is challenging. I’ll be mixing it up a bit and doing a few more videos along with the “written” posts.

I’ll answer burning questions like..

So what’s next? Well, next I’m going to dissect the process of renting an RV. What sites I use to research.. how big of a camper do you really need and explaining to the kids that no, you do NOT get your own bathroom. Then I’ll start evaluating routes… do we fly west, rent the RV and then drive? Or do we rent the RV here and drive northwest? Hhmmm….

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If you’ve got experience with these kind of trips, I welcome your advice! Oh and if you or anyone you know is interested in sponsoring the Four Hens road trip (#4HOTR), let me know. I guarantee it will be worth the investment!