What Lies Do You Tell Your Kids?

Monday night I posted a question on my Facebook page asking the question “does Santa wrap gifts in santa's secretyour house”. It’s a question I ask people every year and I’m always fascinated by the huge variety in answers. I’ve deduced that for the most part, it’s a Northern/Southern thing. Santa wraps in the South but not in the North. In our house, it’s always been a hybrid… or dependent on how much time I had left.

Then I started mulling over other traditions of Christmas as well as  the “lies” we tell our kids when it comes to Santa.  Since we’re on what I think will be our last year, I thought I would share my 15+ years of  lies “wisdom” with those of you who have many more years of Santa looming in front of you.

Mall Santas: Ah yes.. this is always a good one because Santa is everywhere. Some have good beards, others have falling off beards. My response to this one was always “Santa’s a busy guy and with Christmas so close, he can’t take the chance of leaving the North Pole so he sends his friends to stand in for him. And since he’s Santa, he knows what you told that Santa, so you’re all good!”.

Budget Busting Lists: Every year their lists were getting more and more expensive. I did two things here: one was to tell them that “it’s a wish list, not an order form”. The other was my response when I would respond to things on their “wish list” that cost a lot of money and they would look at me with those sweet eyes and say “it’s okay Mommy – I’m asking SANTA for those, not you!”. Oh yeah.. I had to figure this one out real quick with 3 girls. My response to this one was “Well, Santa DOES bring you things but with this economy, he sends Mommy and Daddy a bill after Christmas. So we DO have to pay for some/most of this stuff”. Did it work? I don’t know but I think it helped keep some of the disappointment at bay when they didn’t get EVERYTHING on their list.

What Does Santa Like to Eat? This always happened Christmas Eve when we were dealing with bedtime and had to put out cookies and milk. Of course, the Rooster’s response was always “Santa likes beer. And nachos. Leave those out.” The only person that was amused at that response was him. I don’t recommend that response.

How Does Santa Get In? Okay.. this is pretty standard issue stuff. It’s the Magic Key. This covers the “we don’t have a chimney” AND the “he’s too fat to fit down the chimney” response.

You Don’t Believe, You Don’t Receive: This is one you’ll use later when your kids start asking questions or as a threat once they’ve crossed over and they have younger siblings. This one was so instilled in my girl’s heads that the oldest was actually afraid to tell me when she did cross over because she was afraid she’d get the shaft.

I love Santa and all the magic that he brings and I’m a little sad that we’re at the end of our time with it. But, I am a lifetime member of the Silver Bell club and I will always believe and I will always figure out ways to work the magic into their lives and after that, their kids. It’s just the way it should be.

Now it’s your turn – how do YOU answer these questions?