I think I finally snapped. Or maybe, I'm just a little tired of trying to be the vigilante mom who gets stuck in traffic while some moron parent blatantly ignores the "No Left Turn" sign. I'm sure my poor kids are tired of being embarrassed as they hear me laying on my horn to try and signal to the offending parent No-left-turn that they're an idiot.

Since my emails and calls to the school over the past 2 years have done no good, I finally wrote an email to the school board. Here's the actual email (only the names have been removed):


I am a parent at _______ and I need to find out who to direct my complaint to.  Ever since they opened up the new wing, there has been a constant issue with parents disregarding the very obvious "no left turn" sign at the end of the drop off circle.  I have pointed it out on numerous occasions to our principal, our guidance counselor, the teachers who help navigate traffic, the PTA AND the Safe Routes committee. All to no avail. The best answer I have yet to receive is last year when they "assured" me that it would improve when our safe kids officer arrived in the Winter. (it didn't)

I'm not sure if the parents cannot read, do not see it or just simply do not care about the safety of the kids and the traffic issues it causes. I am hard pressed to understand why 1 of the 4 teachers stationed at drop off in the morning cannot simply be stationed at the bottom, by the sign, as I am sure that the parents do it because they think no one sees them.

It is getting progressively worse and at this point, the sign should simply be removed as it's quite honestly, a joke.

If you can forward this to someone who can look into the problem, I would really appreciate it.  If you would like to contact me for more information, please feel free to call me at ________.

I really hope someone cares enough to help solve this problem.


Not sure what good it will do, but at least I've taken it to a higher "authority". We'll see if they get back to me.

Too much?