Theatre, Travels, and Trajectories


This week, we’re knocking the dust off this show and conversing with Suzanne Vaughn. In this episode, we take a deep dive into the world of Suzanne Vaughan, a visionary who had the foresightSuzanne Vaughan guest episode to see the COVID-19 pandemic coming due to an unusual spike in demand for protective supplies at her workplace back in early 2020. Fast forward to today, Suzanne has hung up her work boots and is fully indulging in the freedom of retirement. This new chapter in her life is filled with her passions – from the dramatic allure of theater and the magic of lighting design to the meaningful pursuit of advocacy work.

Suzanne gives us a sneak peek into the exciting theater projects she’s currently steering in the Winston-Salem area, painting a vivid picture of her creative endeavors. But it’s not all curtains and spotlights; she shares the poignant challenges of caring for her mother during her final years and navigating the complex maze of grief after her passing. These experiences have shaped her, giving depth to her story.

Retirement for Suzanne isn’t about slowing down; it’s about chasing the next adventure, from exploring Pittsburgh to marveling at Niagara Falls, and tracing the scenic East Coast. Even as she juggles various projects, Suzanne dreams of future travels, awaiting the right moment when she’s ready to leap into the next big adventure post a significant period of personal loss. This episode isn’t just Suzanne’s story—it’s a testimony to resilience, passion, and the art of moving forward.

About Suzanne:

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A native North Carolinian, Suzanne Vaughan has called Winston-Salem home for about twenty five years. She spent most of her career working for consumable supply distributors, utilizing her customer service, sales, and marketing skills. Now untethered, she is pursuing her passions, which include: writing, theatrical lighting and set design, performing. She is also an advocate for marginalized communities, animals, and climate change, and tries to use her platform to inspire others to break free from the status quo.

Connect with Suzanne:

Instagram: suzvaughan12

TikTok: suzvaughan11