Spring Break Cruise on the High Seas

It is time for spring break around here and originally, we had zero plans to go anywhere but then the Rooster and I started talking and realized that we only have a couple of trips left as a full family unit.

OMG. That’s real, you guys! As much as I may have lamented about whether or not moms really ever get a vacation I know that I’ll miss all the stress leading up to the actual event.

This year, we’re doing a cruise on Royal Caribbean (no, this trip is NOT sponsored but wouldn’t that be awesome?!). Our family loves cruises like these and this will be the 3rd cruise for 3 of us and the 4th for 2 of us. Being self-proclaimed veterans to the vacation, we’d certainly recommend a cruise ship, and you might want to check out some fly cruise deals and offers if the idea interests you as well. We love, love cruising but I absolutely believe that you either love them or hate them. There is NO in between when it comes to cruising. We love the fact that we all get our own vacation as well as a family vacation. Although, I am really curious to see how the teen program interests the girls. The first 2 we did they were a lot younger and absolutely loved Adventure Ocean which is the kid program on board. I promise I will have a couple of reports for you once we get back. For now, we’re travelling to Barbados to find our accommodation that’s similar to properties Exceptional Villas have to offer around the Caribbean Islands.

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But What About YOU!?Who's ready for spring break with the teens? Anyone? Anyone? Buelller?

Have no fear my dears… I have lined up a few of my favorite bloggers to keep you entertained while I’m chillin’ in the Caribbean. I promise you will laugh and be entertained and if not… well, I don’t know what to tell you.

Who’s going to be here?

Sunday – Abbie Gale of All that Makes You

Monday – Rob Ainbinder of Digital Dad

Wednesday – Dara Kurtz of Crazy Perfect Life

Thursday – Angela Levine of Connect Marketing

That’s it!! I’m sad to be leaving the dog and cats for so long but I know they’ll be in good hands while I’m gone and it’s a guaranteed way to get tons of love when I get home. Because I’m sure my family will be well over “family time” after 10 days together. Mixed blessings, right?

Until then… be super gracious to my guest bloggers and we’ll catch up later!!