I think my friend Kristen over at Part of the Plan awarded me this but with the busy, busy week I’ve had, I could be wrong. But, I’m going to use a healthy dose of ego and roll with it and even if she didn’t, she should have. We’re both Kristens and all.. Actually, Kristen added me to her “I Stalk, Too” list which is her blogroll. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’m honored to have you stalk me, Kristen!

This award is an uber-cool version of the 1970’s chain letter. The version of the chain e-mail that doesn’t promise you that you are the newest heir to the throne in the unknown country of Ugottanuglydog and ain’t no way in hell will I promise you 8 hours of uninterrupted romance by taking tiny blue pills.

This is more of a chain reaction of amazing bloggers who take the time to support each other, read each others posts and encourage each other to keep going when you’ve got nothing left in you. The best part about this award is that it’s from my peers and it’s from the heart.

There are rules but they’re not bad and you won’t need a microscope to see the tiny print.

Here are the rules:

  1. Add the award to your blog.
  2. Thank the blogger who gave it to you, by including a link to his/her blog.
  3. Nominate fifteen fellow bloggers who you feel truly deserve the Versatile Blogger Award.
  4. Inform them all that you’ve nominated them.
  5. Mention seven random things about yourself.
  6. List the rules.

So 1,2 and 6 are done. I just did a post on some of my favorite bloggers but it didn’t total 15, so I’ll line item those bloggers plus a few more.

  1. A Bittersweet Existence
  2. A Little Something For Me
  3. Chow and Chatter
  4. Kim Williams
  5. Part of the Plan
  6. Spin Sucks
  7. {Grow}
  8. Stephanie Wonderlin   And now for new ones and a little sumpin’ sumpin’ about them:
  9. Periphery Suzanne is so varied with her writing. From light and snarky to deep and reflective. I never know what I’m going to find when I stop by. Love that.
  10. Southern Fried Children The only reason Kelly wasn’t on the original list is because if I put her there, she’d know for sure that I was a total stalker. Love, love, love Kelly and her stories as only she can tell them. Plus she’s local, so I get to see her in real life. Oh and we’re both up for the same award for best blog in town. Game on beeatch! 😉 (uhm yeah, I know you’ll win.. I bow down.)
  11. The Jack B One of my newer finds. I have never read a male blogger who is as honest and snarky about the life of being a parent as Jack. I would love to be at a PTA meeting with him. They’d never know what hit them.
  12. Welcome to My Life Becky wows me with her posts. They’re honest, raw, funny and humbling all rolled into one. I hope she doesn’t think I’m whack for adoring her.
  13. Accidental Musings I’ll be honest – I love Amy’s posts but it’s her tweets and that keep me on the edge of my seat. I love, love when she goes off on a rant and am so grateful that I’ve never been the subject of one of those rants.
  14. The Truth About Motherhood Another new find for me (this week!). How have I missed Deborah all this time? It was this post that made me snap to attention. Happy Mardi Gras, y’all!!
  15. Faith In Ambiguity You just try and read Tara without snorting. From the little Homies to her life with a bunch of men (wait..that’s the same thing).. she’s one of my coffee stops in the morning.

SEVEN random things about myself? Sheesh. Hope this isn’t a snore fest for you guys.

  1. I’m afraid of toaster ovens. Seriously. I don’t know why we own one. I’ll take a toaster any day. Something about reaching in there just freaks me out.
  2. I love music but never listen to it. The only time I have is while I’m in the car and when I’m in the car, it’s honestly the only P&Q I have so I’d rather listen to stone silence.
  3. I was born a strawberry blonde and then my hair turned brown. When my hair started turning gray at 23, I decided to embrace my inner fire and started coloring it red. This is the color you know and love me as. And trust me.. my personality is definitely that of a redhead.
  4. I’m extremely OCD with certain things. Such as, how the dishwasher is loaded, my routine in the morning and how family “traditions” should go. Try and change those things and I will wig out.
  5. I still secretly would love to be a nurse.
  6. I hate going to the movies. I will watch movies end to end at home but good luck trying to get me to the theatre. I only do it for my kids.
  7. My youngest daughter, Cassie was named after a soap opera character and my oldest after a drug addict. (I just really liked the names.. )

I hope those of you that I’ve “nominated” for the Versatile Blogger Award will take the time and pay it forward. It’s a great way to give a shout out to the bloggers you like and an awesome way for all of us to be introduced to new writers we may not be aware of!

Who will you nominate?

Hey! If you leave me a comment (and why wouldn’t you??) PLEASE make sure you include your website/blog so I can come and visit!

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