I’ve been playing with Vine since it came out earlier this year. While I haven’t quite gotten to the having fun with VineVinedom as some people, I do have fun with it. I was flipping thru the 50 or so Vines that I had and cherry picked a few of the gems that I found. You may love them, you may hate them, you may cover your ears and run for the hills. But I bet you’ll laugh at least once at them. And don’t worry.. the good thing about Vines is that they’re only 6 seconds a piece 😉 (If you’ve never seen a Vine in web format, there’s a little speaker “icon” in the top left corner.. you have to click it off of “mute” in order to hear the audio..)

In no particular order…



Jamaican Me Wish I Were Back in Jamaica…


On the Road to #SoSlam with Scott


Ryan Lochte Should Never Speak

They Tricked Me With Promises of Sun


McDonald’s and Their 60 Second Challenge

Cassie Gives it ALL to Locks of Love


Stupid Frogs Don’t Belong on My Door

Mackenzie Vine-bombs The Less Desirables


She’s Not Really an Angry Dog

John Denver is Rolling Over in His Grave


The Infamous “Circle of Love”

Writer’s Block

(I lied… this one’s probably my favorite)

Okay… which one did you like the most???

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