Do You Still Wear Makeup Regularly?

I don’t consider myself to be a vain person. While I try to be neat and presentable, being a trend setter has never been important to me. There’s just too many other things that I’d rather spend my time on. That being said, I do wear makeup on most days. I joke with the girls that my rule owhen did you stop wearing makeup regularlyf thumb is that if there are pictures being taken or I have a meeting, then chances are I will wear makeup that day. Never a lot.. primarily my eyes (my friend and hair goddess, Erin always says eyes and lips and you’re good to go) and 99.9% of the time I never leave the house without my eyebrows. (I have no eyebrows… if you ever see me completely clean faced, I have less hair than Wooly Willy does.) As I have no eyebrows, it usually takes me quite a while to shape them before I leave the house. This takes a long time, probably one of the longest parts of my regime. My friend keeps telling me to try microblading which will give them a more permanent look. When she has shown me pictures of people who have had this done, it does look good and I think it will take less time for me to actually get ready. I’ll have a think, but I wonder if I’m too old to have this type of treatment done?

No one likes the thought of getting older as this is the time in your lives when you start to notice subtle changes in your appearance, like fine lines and wrinkles. And when you start to see these issues, you decide to try new face creams or moisturizers to see if that makes you look younger. I even know that some of you decide to try botox if that doesn’t work. And why shouldn’t you? These issues that I’ve picked up on are things that you can see whilst being in close contact with someone, so you try harder to fix it, as we all want to look beautiful right? And that should concern all areas of our body too. For example, some people might feel better after having their armpit or leg hair thoroughly removed, and so will enlist the help of somewhere like this Laser hair removal London company to help them feel as beautiful as they can be, even in their older age. Looking like I once did and feeling happy within my body is one of the main reasons why I’m looking into all of these beauty suggestions in the hopes that it works for me.

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But over the past couple of years, I’ve noticed that I’m looking for more opportunities to not wear makeup. It may drive my mom crazy (she once wrote me a letter telling me that I should never leave the house without my face on.. it’s a generational thing, I think.) but there are other benefits to it in my opinion.

1) Time Saved – I love the days where all I have to do is decide between glasses or contacts. Shower, corrective eye vision and out the door. Even with as little makeup as I wear, it will still give me back 15 minutes of my life.

2) Money Saved – Obvious reasoning. Luckily I have never been one to buy anything more expensive than what can be found in Ulta or Walgreens.. except for my eyebrows.. those are Benefit Brow Zings all the way. $31 but it lasts me 2 years. As well as this, my friend has just found a brand influencer that is offering a Glossier Promo Code and said their stuff looks pretty good. I mean, if it’s going to save me money, why not just have a little look!

3) Younger Looking – Someone may be lying to me, but I swear I look younger without makeup and at this point of the game, I’ll take whatever I can get. Add to that, when I wear my glasses, it’s amazing how well they hide smile lines!!

4) Rooster Preference – I don’t buy into the whole “it’s what my man wants” mentality but hey.. I married the guy and if his preference makes my life easier, why not? And while it would save me both time AND money, I draw the line at being naked all the time.

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5) Better for My Skin – Let’s face it.. a lot of the lines in our faces is from the constant tugging and pulling we put our faces through when we put on and especially when we take it off. I used to rub the bejessus out of my eyes when I would take my eye makeup off. I remember my friend Nancy telling me when I was 26 that I better ease up on that. She was right.