Week of Giving Begins April 25th!

When it comes to our kids and hospitals, almost everyone has a story and with any luck it’s not a big story but rather a smaller one. For us it was a brief time period when our oldest was going thru tests in Philadelphia to see if she had a  blood disorder – luckily she didn’t. We also have one child who’s exceptionally prone to accidents which put us in the ER with her when she was 2 with a broken arm. Since living in Winston, we’ve only had to visit a few times for the same child – this time stitches.

However, I have a cousin whose son was diagnosed with cancer when he was only 4 months old so she has a BIG story of their journey and the exceptional care they received at Brenner’s. Six years later, he’s doing remarkably well and is as full of boy as he can be!

Week of Giving

On April 25, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center is launching a new tradition of sharing and community outreach via social media—The Week of Giving. During this five-day period, individuals will be encouraged to share their personal stories about the Medical Center’s impact, and most of us – particularly parents – have had some kind of experience or interaction with Wake Forest Baptist or Brenner Children’s Hospital. In fact, did you know that Brenner Children’s saw more than 56,000 patients (both inpatient and outpatient) for a total of more than 164,000 visits in 2015? Me, neither. And, as the only Level I Pediatric Trauma Center in this region (and the first in the state), Brenner Children’s can provide more specialized care for children with severe illnesses or injuries.

One such patient, who was born with a congenital heart defect and other complications, has been seen in most of the specialty clinics at Brenner Children’s. His mother calls it “an amazing journey,” and you can see his story here.

Now, most of us won’t have a story quite like that, but everyone can participate in the Week of Giving. You can participate in conversations on social media, share your own story, make a donation … Whatever works for you. To learn more about the Week of Giving and learn how you can get involved, visit the Week of Giving website.