Welcome to text-as!

It’s time for another edition of Welcome to Text-as!! This week, the rarely-seen, never-texting Rooster is the star!!

The Rooster is in San Diego this week for business – let’s all give a collective “awww…poor guy” Yeah. Right. Other than the fact he had a flight that left at zero dark:thirty, I’m not feeling sorry for the guy at all.



He’s been texting me pictures all fricking week of the beautiful weather and amazing places he’s eating. This text was the final straw –

textas from san diego

You can see from HIS image that he was taunting me with his San Diego Food Truck lunch. While I was cooking dinner for tonight AND prepping dinner for tomorrow night. For his kids. The ones that I have already given birth to (which means my job is done).

Winston-Salem Food Kitchen

Can you say “not fair”??

Actually I’m kidding.. as much as I hate when either of us travel, it’s good for both of us to get away from the routine of house life. And since we both love food, our favorite thing to do is seek out these awesome food experiences.. I just wish I were with him to enjoy it 🙂