I’m going to try to get thru this day without having a mental breakdown. Like all other occasions in our life, the first and the last are always the hardest.

Today was the end of single digits in our house.

It’s Cassie’s 10th Birthday. It’s all over but the crying. She’s officially a pre-teen.

As if that weren’t bad enough, she starts her last year of elementary school this month.

So next year, we’ll say goodbye to another chapter in our lives.

Maybe that’s what kills me the most… every time she finishes something, it also means it’s the “last time we’ll ever do this”.

It was true for her birth..it was the last time that I’ll ever give birth (thank God).



No more First Birthday Parties (that I host anyhow..)

Happy bday cassie


It was the last time for “Baby’s First Christmas”..


The last time the Grands will be Grands.. next they’ll be Great-Grands (notice my omission of me being a Grand..)


Or the last time that Mackenzie will hold her baby sister.. and like it.

New baby cassie

It was when Sydney went from being the baby to being the big sister..


The first slumber party where someone steals the covers and you giggle til morning..



So, Little Miss Cassie Daukas, I wish you the best birthday ever. I wish you a good 90 more of these birthdays.  We have no doubt that you will blaze the trails and someday be a CEO. Sheryl Sandberg thinks she started the “they’re not bossy, they’re future CEOs” but between you and me… she didn’t. We’ve been saying that for years when it comes to you. You may be the youngest and the littlest, but you sure are the strongest and the loudest – especially when you think others are treating you like a “baby”.

Just remember that at the end of the day, the one thing that won’t change or end is that you’ll always be MY baby.

And I’m just fine with that.

I’ll tell you one more thing that happened because you were born…

We were no longer a family of four. When you were born, we became..

Four Hens and a Rooster!! 


I love you with all my heart,