People are often amazed at how much I love Twitter. Maybe it's my ADD, maybe it's our society, but I love the quick bursts of information. Yes, I often miss some things because of the rapid fire atmosphere,  but once you get in a groove (and create lists and use a 3rd party app like Hootsuite) it is the greatest thing..Ever.

I have met so many people thru Twitter that have enhanced and enriched my life that I would never have been able to meet before. 

For instance..


A complete genius, adjunct professor and my "sage" @MarkWSchaefer – met on Twitter

Someone who I consider a bit of a mentor ( I don't want him to feel pressure) and a funny guy (not to mention his wife is amazing) – @WilliamsKim – met on Twitter

One of the coolest chicks I know and an amazing social media user @heatherdedona – met on Twitter

My business site was created and designed by my brilliantly talented friends @dhatfield and @brandonpierce over at Experience Farm.. would never have met them without Twitter

My "girls" – the Tweet Broads (which I created to give all of us techie girls a reason to meet IRL!)

@AllArminda (You're a wee bit high maintenance but it's part of your charm!)

@ACJandler (You inspire me to think BIG with my business)

@CherylSchirillo (Your insight, passion and drive to better our city is amazing)

@Jenfa01 (Besties are the best! Even if she doesn't tweet as much as I want her to.. )

@TrishNaylor (who is also 1/2 of the brains behind @SeekTheTriad!)

@VKearns (is there anywhere you won't drive and I'm thinking a sponsored RV is in our future?)

@SuePolinsky (You should be the Chief TweetBroad..)

@DancinDeac (Glue guns and wine.. need I say more?!)

@SueMo (The most volunteering person I know.. she DID cease it at 19, though)

@ChowandChatter (brilliant food blogger)

There are so many more and if I didn't tag you, it's not because you mean more or less to me.. promise!

Everyday, I meet so many great people in a virtual environment that I wouldn't be able to meet otherwise. When I'm extremely lucky, I can put a face to a tweet.

140 characters doesn't seem like a lot..but if you work it the right way, it really is…

Thanks for stopping by and listening to me for more than 140 🙂