Protecting Your Family’s Vision Never Looked So Good!

Disclosure – I was compensated with a pair of cool, trendy, designer sunglasses for writing this post for VSP. Maybe even the same sunglasses you could win just by entering below!! All stories and opinions are still my own. But you already knew that!

Other than our oldest, every person in our house has some kind of eye issue. I’ve been wearing corrective lenses of some sort since I was 10??, so have always been in tune with making VSP logovision care a priority. But think back to when your kids were little..from the time they were born you were preached to endlessly about well-health visits. And then came the suggestions to get them to the dentist before they even had teeth.

Very little attention is ever given to vision unless there is some kind of problem and unless it’s really bad, vision issues in kids tend to go unnoticed until usually something happens in school. While many schools offer screenings, in-school screenings do not provide the same level of detection as comprehensive eye exams are really nothing more than an eye chart and a referral to the school’s recommended doctors. In fact, parents should take their children to the eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam starting as young as six months old, then again at three years old, before kindergarten and every year after that.

Eye exams are important for everyone in your family – from babies to adults, and everyone in between. Annual eye exams are important to your overall health. They allow eye doctors to detect early signs of chronic health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, among others. Our youngest has a very unique vision issue that our school is always trying to diagnose as “bad vision”. Every year they do the obligatory eye exam and every year they send home the blazing piece of paper that would make you think she was going blind and that it was our fault. This kid sees an eye specialist (and has been) at least twice a year and believe me… No one leaves this house without sunglasses. When the youngest grows a little and starts using many different digital gadgets as kids seem to be doing this day in age, we’ll more than likely have to look into different types of glasses to reduce eye strain from the digital screens and keep her eyes in the best condition possible considering her unique vision issue.

Do you know what the common signs of vision problems are? They can include squinting, head tilting, avoiding “close work,” trouble win a pair of sunglasses from VSPfocusing, continuous rubbing of eyes and headaches and 1 in 4 children has an undetected vision condition that can negatively impact learning.

What about the myths of good eye care and vision??

Did your mother tell you not to read in dim lighting because it will strain your eyes, or to finish all the carrots on your plate because they’ll protect your vision? Visit the VSP® Vision Care site where their optometrist, Dr. Ryan Nakamura debunks a few of these stories so you know which eye health tips to keep preaching to your kids, and which are entirely fictional. (this will come in handy for your kids if they hate carrots 😉 )

So what if you’re like a lot of families and your medical insurance doesn’t cover vision? How can you protect your families vision without insurance? That’s where VSP Vision Care comes in. With a network of 30,000 eye care providers, VSP members have the freedom to choose the provider, location and eyewear that’s right for them. It’s easy to see why VSP is consumers’ #1 choice in vision care. When you’re a member of VSP, you can

  • Keep your eyes healthy with highly credentialed doctors who provide the most thorough exams
  • Save money – the average VSP member saves approximately $320 each year with vision insurance!
  • Get access to great eyewear – more than two dozen brands and hundreds of styles to choose from!
  • Enable your family to experience life to the fullest

They also provide members (and non-members!) with tons of great information at Interested in the Kids’ Healthy Eye Index? You can access the portal where they answer questions and give insight on topics like how to take care of your glasses and one that is REALLY important – how to take care of your eyes in the sun. The site also includes a virtual savings calculator to estimate your savings with VSP vision benefits. There is also helpful information about maintaining healthy vision that can be found at the Learn About Your Eyes section of the site. You can even play an interactive game for a chance to win prizes.

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