Word of the Year

I’m not sure when the trend began, but over the past several years it’s been a common theme among my group of friends and colleagues to choose a “word of the year” (WOTY) at the beginning of a new year. This is a word that will help one focus on something tangible for the year and help them achieve their goals.

Last year my WOTY was “fierce”. It was my first ‘full’ year of being separated and it just spoke to me. I would be fierce in reclaiming myself. Fierce in making sure that I succeeded in this new-found place I was in. Fierce in making sure that my life didn’t fall apart and in fact, would champion on. Fierce in my independence. Fierce in finding a new normal. Fierce in finding happiness again.

And it worked.

While 2017 wasn’t all roses and sweet songs, it definitely had its ups. I met new people – some who were key in helping me navigate my life as a 47-year-old newly single woman and some who made me wish I WASN’T single (more on that another time). I had new experiences. I discovered parts of myself that I had no idea existed. And while I didn’t accomplish some of the goals that I set out to achieve in 2017, I laid the groundwork for what I want(ed) to accomplish moving forward. Do I wish that I had been just a wee bit more ‘fierce’ when it came to achieving goals in 2017? Sure. But I truly believe that everything happens the way it’s supposed to and in the time frame it’s supposed to happen.

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Which brings me to my 2018 WOTY:


As you can see in my Instagram post, my attitude for 2018 is this:2018 WOTY

“If it’s not making me HAPPY, making me MONEY, or making me BETTER, then I’m not making time for it.”

And that’s the truth, Ruth.

All those things that I talked about getting done in 2017? They’re getting done this year. When you’re the single mom to three teens – one of whom is in college – you have to dig deep and believe and do for yourself. I don’t have time to just THINK about what I want to do… I KNOW what I need to do and it needs to get done NOW. This year. In 2018.

I. Am. Determined. 

  • Determined to make this year a catapult for all the great things that I know I deserve.
  • Determined to make a better life for myself and my girls.
  • Determined to feed my passion projects because by doing that, they will feed me.
  • Determined to maintain my independence and not just live and survive, but THRIVE.
  • Determined to reclaim my status in the community for what I’m known for.
  • Determined to own my future because if I don’t, who will?
  • Determined to take a real damn vacation this year.

Honestly, the list is long but this gives you a good idea of where my head is right now.

So while many were lazing about today, January 1st, I was up early for the first time in days and here’s what I got done:

  • Wrote an article for a new site I’m launching (more deets later!!)
  • Fine-tuned said site
  • Finished my homework for Day 5 of the Kajabi 28-Day Challenge (again…more on that later but it has to do with my upcoming online classes!)
  • Prepped for a panel I’m moderating later this week on Influencer Marketing
  • Baked an apple cobbler
  • Had a dance party for one in my kitchen while baking (hey! that’s important!!)
  • Had dinner with the Bestie and our families
  • Worked on my Social Savvy Parents Facebook group
  • And a few other things that are just minor
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You can also expect to (finally) be seeing more consistent posts from me because that’s one thing that I really sucked at in 2017 🙂

I’m not saying all this to be braggy but rather to put it in writing my goals for the year and hopefully have you hold me accountable. It’s so easy to come out of the gate in a new year going “New Year! New Me!” but if we can’t do it now, when can we do it?

So, I ask you: What is your WOTY? What do you hope and PLAN to achieve in 2018?